About Us

SİMGE CONSTRUCTION had successfully performed a vast number of road construction, art works, potable water and sewer construction, pond construction of potable water, construction projects of treatment plant and building throughout Turkey from 1977 to 1994. Since1994, as SIMGEMAT with the reformed team has continued its works by improving and adding urban road construction, bitumen hot mixture production and its applications into its working fields. By using its acquired knowledge, skills and experiments, SIMGEMAT has implemented triumphant projects in a short time and continue to implements its projects.


SİMGEMAT has structured in accordance with its strategy of continuous progress and growth in its field and in in conformity with this, it has renewed and extended its working places, stone quarries, asphalt and aggregate production plants, heavy construction machinery park and haulage vehicles park.


In conformity with development and growth, we continuously extend and restructure our technical and qualified staff.


By structuring, the first technical force was consisted of engineers and technician –member of Highways.


By administrative and financial structuring, it is reinforced by integrating successful personnel from private sector and academic institution. Working with a dynamic and strong team consisting of experts on their own subject; 70 engineers, technicians and over 800 persons.


As an assurance of the future, for sustainability; young, dynamic, having knowledge of foreign language, well-educated, comer persons are hired and for their specialization they are always supported with intercorporate/ non-corporate vocational training.


Proud of being a company who completed the projects through viewpoint of engineering and road construction technique acquired over 40 years that most of the company could not take a chance from past to present, is the success of the whole team working with team spirit.


SIMGE MAT has been implementing production and applications through 5 –for now- Aggregate and Asphalt Production Facilities established in right place, in proper capacity to meet the requirements, having technical competence as complex and integrated.


Aggregate and asphalt production facilities equipped with high technology is an indicator of the power of E-MAK company.


All products are produced in accordance with the Standards and in good quality. Performance conditions of products are continuously monitored by effective quality control system. Within the scope of the relative standards included the products acquiring “Factory Production Control” and “Quality Conformity Certificates” is an indicator of importance given to the quality; proceed to continuous improvement in products quality level, increase in production technology and capacity.


When compared with the sector, a great budget is reserving for Research- Development Activities and these expenses are made owing to evaluation as “Acquisition for the Future” instead of evaluation as Expense.

In consequence of utilization of environment friendly products E-MAK Company, is awarded with “Environment Certificate” by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization owing to studies on the issues of “protection and improvement of Environment, protection of Environment and extending Environment Awareness”.

A great contribution is provided for improvement of asphalt culture of our country by sharing incorporate/non-corporate vocational course and seminars and through this making a great difference in the sector with the purpose to make acquisition of acquired technological knowledge and experiment to our country.


In line with mission and visions appropriate for its targets and strategies regarding the issues such as occupational health and safety and environmental health, SIMGE MAT proceeds pertinaciously on its way.


In accordance with the thought with “Human first” we work with target of “0” (zero) occupational accident.


Always go forward with intellectually cooperation in harmony…