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When we make comparison with our sector, we reserve a great budget for our Quality Control and Research- Development Activities and we think these expenses as “acquisition for our feature” instead of evaluation of as Expenditure.


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Quality is a Quantifiable Value

Continuous and effective quality control system, beginning with design and following as raw material, production, control of applications and monitoring the performance after competition of the road, assures the quality of all processes.

It is provided the quality control system to work without failure, technically qualified, in conformity with the standards and providing the quality of the test results (objectivity and reliability) as well its technical development is taken further day by day.




By implementing tests and controls on scheduled time in accordance with the Standards; 

  • To provide economic production and application in good quality in accordance with the receipt of mixture, product specifications and technical specifications,
  • To acquire high performance products in Accord with Standard.
  • To meet the demand of costumers by reflecting new product and new technology to the Production along with Works of design or R&D.

Fully-Equipped 3 Labs of Quality Control


Our 3 labs having technological substructure and system –two of them are stationary and one of them is mobile project lab - implement all required tests and controls within the scope of standards related to raw material and our products with our precision gauges by our experienced technical personnel.


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Target; Preventive Action instead of Corrective Action 


Results of tests and controls based on production implemented approximately over 3000 per month are evaluated regarding conformity to standards and technical specifications and when required, corrective and preventive actions are quickly taken. “Operating Conformity Level” (OCL) is continuously monitored in accordance with the Standard TS EN 13108-21.



Quality controls works is firstly started from quarry. Quarrying is evaluated with respect to quality in accordance with the product (specifying the mirror that will be used, grading the material and transferring to the crusher and etc.) 


We implement all tests to the aggregates -acquired through the closed type system of aggregate production plant - accordingly to the quality plans prepared aggregate grading within the scope of standards TS 706 EN 12620+A1 and TS EN 13043 and the test results are evaluated when required operating conditions are renewed.



Asphalt production is continuously monitored and its homogeneity is controlled and the temperature is followed. Samples are taken daily in accordance with the amount of production, all required performance tests are implemented. Achieved test results are compared with design values and evaluated statically



During asphalt paving and after that , compacting controls are implemented through core sampling method by measuring device of nuclear moisture and density.




In Impact/ Conformity Assessment


Production technology of tested material, product and the like is evaluated in accord with particularly general conditions mention in the Standards and identified deviations.


Utilization type of product or objective utilization area and possible failure or defects arisen during utilization are analyzed. 

By taking into consideration of the importance of said material, products and the like during general utilization and general conditions mentioned in Regulations and Technical Specifications and identified deviations are applied.



Continuous Improvement;


Researches are made and solutions are found to renew asphalt quality and production efficiency. 

New asphalt product and production methods are monitored and tested in our own Labs. Also, Global asphalt technology is followed closely.